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Welcome to the Stambia Community!

Are you a new user of Stambia? Do you need some help? Do you want to share something with the community?
In any case you are in the right place!

Here you will find the latest releases of your products. You can also browse the documentation providing different articles and the how-tos that will help you unleash the full potential of Stambia DI.

As a new user, first have a look at the Getting Started sections in order to be ready to use Stambia DI for the first time.

Latest News

Stambia DI Designer 2020 (S20.0.0) and Stambia DI Runtime 2020 (S20.0.0) are available at download.

Those major versions introduce a bunch of improvements and fixes which you can found in release notes and changelog.

Quick overview:

  • Component installation improved
  • Modules Management
  • Metadata improvements
  • Mapping improvements
  • Process improvements
  • Support Java versions higher than Java 8
  • And more...

The release notes can be found here: Designer release note, Runtime release note

The changelogs here: Designer changelog, Runtime changelog

And the download pages here: Designer download, Runtime download

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