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Topic-icon Question create variable

23 Sep 2015 12:01 #1 by alexa
create variable was created by alexa
Hi, we have an issu , we try to use a variable
but we have this error : org.netezza.error.NzSQLException: ERROR: CREATE TABLE: permission denied.
but we did'nt create a table.
You can see the process in attach.

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23 Sep 2015 13:57 #2 by Cyril Dussud
Replied by Cyril Dussud on topic create variable

Can you check if the "Saving Connection" parameter of the Variable (in the metadata) is set ?
This parameter is used to store the variable information on a specific table created by stambia.
Your error may comes from this and if it is the case, if you do not need it you could remove it.
23 Sep 2015 14:30 #3 by alexa
Replied by alexa on topic create variable
Hi again,

the save connection is blanc, nothing is in it .
What must i put in save connection?


23 Sep 2015 15:06 - 28 Sep 2016 16:13 #4 by Cyril Dussud
Replied by Cyril Dussud on topic create variable
If the Saving Connection is blank, no table should be created.
Can you send the process with the dependencies to the support?
In the projet Explorer : Right Click > Export Models and Dependencies.
We will look at it.
Last edit: 28 Sep 2016 16:13 by Thomas BLETON.