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Topic-icon Question Rename file

30 Sep 2015 17:53 - 30 Sep 2015 17:53 #1 by Virginie_Samson
Rename file was created by Virginie_Samson
I tried to use an action file "Move File" to rename a file.
We configured it like that :
- File to File : D:\FILE_STAMBIA\DPARQ\IN\EncoursPeri_PRO
- File Includes : EncoursPeri_PRO*

When it is excuted, we have this error : ENC_PROC_Test Rename fichier/Renommer fichier

We tried it with only a move from this dir D:\FILE_STAMBIA\DPARQ\IN to this one D:\FILE_STAMBIA\DPARQ\ARCH; and it works.

What am i supposed to use to rename a file with a variable part.

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02 Oct 2015 10:46 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Rename file
Maybe there is something inconsistent with the combination of the properties. I'm going to check with R&D team because the message is not quite clear :).

Can you please provide an example of what you want to do ? What file(s) do you have and how you want to rename them ?
02 Oct 2015 12:15 #3 by Virginie_Samson
Replied by Virginie_Samson on topic Rename file
We received a file named DocumentA_20151002.txt
And we want to manipulate it with a generic name in a mapping : DocumentA.txt
02 Oct 2015 16:40 #4 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Rename file
Note that you might lose files if you have several files matching the mask DocumentA*.
But if you are sure there is only one file, here is a way to implement this with FileMove :
- File To Dir: d:/temp
- File From Dir: d:/temp
- File Includes: DocumentA*
- File Target Mapper: DocumentA*=DocumentA.txt
- File Target Mapper Type: regexp

An alternative is to set the Physical Name of the file with a Variable or a Parameter. See this article for more : www.stambia.org/doc/77-metadata/195-fill...a-fields-dynamically