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Topic-icon Question How to ignore error format and load a null value ?

23 Oct 2015 17:40 #1 by MathieuV
I try to load a file with the replicator template.
In this source file, the are integer an string fields.
Sometimes, in numeric fields in source file there are letters.
For exemple : in month field we have 'xx' instead of '01'.
How to ignore this error and load NULL value in database when format is not respected ?

Thank you for your help.

Designer 17.2
Java 7 d'Oracle
Postgresql 9.4
OS : Debian Jessie
23 Oct 2015 17:53 #2 by Cyril Dussud
Replied by Cyril Dussud on topic How to ignore error format and load a null value ?

Did you try to use the options in "Reading Behavior" tab of the file metadata ?
There are options like "Field Format Error Behavior" for example.
23 Oct 2015 17:59 - 23 Oct 2015 17:59 #3 by MathieuV
Thank you.
I didn't see this options.
Last edit: 23 Oct 2015 17:59 by MathieuV.