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Topic-icon Question I have .PCK package. can you please help me in importing it in to my stambia

23 Dec 2015 11:24 #1 by tsaravanan93
Hi All,
I am unable to import .pck file in to my stambia project.

can someone help with the steps to import the file.

many thanks,
23 Dec 2015 12:27 - 23 Dec 2015 13:36 #2 by Cyril Dussud

The .pck files are not meant to be imported back to Stambia Designer. They are a pre-compilated step and can be used in Stambia Analytics for example.

To export a project/process/mapping... right click on it in the Project Explorer and choose
  • Export: Used to export only the selected object
  • Export Models and Dependencies: Export the selected object with all its dependencies (templates, ...)

Last edit: 23 Dec 2015 13:36 by Cyril Dussud.
23 Dec 2015 15:29 #3 by tsaravanan93
Thanks Cyril.. that helps!
23 Dec 2015 15:37 #4 by Cyril Dussud
You're welcome :)

For the normal Export, you can then Import it easily with the Import Context menu in the Project Explorer.

For Export Models and Dependencies, as it may contains templates, ... You can unzip it first and simply Drag and Drop or Copy/Paste what you need next in the Designer.