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Topic-icon Question Aggregate Fields

19 Feb 2016 13:59 #1 by Afaf ABOUTABIT
Aggregate Fields was created by Afaf ABOUTABIT

I want to do use some aggregate functions on some fields in my mapping, the target table is as follows

But I get an error while integration, saying that "GROUP BY, à la position 0, n'est pas dans la liste SELECT"
When I check the code generated, I can see the reason why, here is a part of the code generated, the group by part :
group by 0, split_part(date.c2, ':', 2)::date, eb_party.eb_party_num, split_part(carrier.c3, ':', 1), 0, split_part(pickslip.c3, ':', 1), current_timestamp

Can anybody please help me figure out this problem ?
19 Feb 2016 15:30 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Aggregate Fields
This is probably due to the presence of the "0" value in the taxable_weight and origin mapping expressions.
These columns are mapped on the staging area. Can you try mapping them on the target instead ? This should exclude these values from the Pre-integration / integration select queries.
19 Feb 2016 16:07 #3 by Afaf ABOUTABIT
Replied by Afaf ABOUTABIT on topic Aggregate Fields
Merci Bien ! vous avez raison ça marche maintenant :-)