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Topic-icon Idea Source Control best practices

25 Mar 2016 19:56 #1 by mdahlman
Source Control best practices was created by mdahlman
I'm looking for best practices around setting up source control to share work between developers.

We have some experience using SVN, but I don't have these notes handy. Here are some notes from using Git.
Current contents of .gitignore:

But I think it might make sense to add this as well:

What would be the result of this? Is it safe to assume that a new digram is generated automatically as needed, so things would work well?

It would be great to have some source control notes and best practices posted as an article.
29 Mar 2016 11:39 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Source Control best practices
Hi Matt,

Ignoring indy.build is recommended.

But I would sync the map_diagram files.
Otherwise, unexpected behavior may occur, for example when importing modifications into a workspace which had a previous version of the mapping.
Moreover, these files contain the "Notes" which may be added by the developer to the mapping diagram. You might want to keep those ;-)

We definitely want to bring more simplicity to VCS users. Within a few days we plan to release an article with best practices. I will inform you here when it is released.
30 Mar 2016 17:04 #3 by mdahlman
Replied by mdahlman on topic Source Control best practices
Thanks! We will continue to check-in *.map_diagram. I agree that the loss of notes would be an issue in some cases.

Different screen resolutions make the diagrams very hard to share cleanly... but this is not such a big deal. The auto-layout works well, so the change between systems is just a minor annoyance.