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Topic-icon Question Inversion de pivot / reversing pivot

  • npernoud@grandlyon.com
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24 Oct 2016 14:26 #1 by npernoud@grandlyon.com
Inversion de pivot / reversing pivot was created by npernoud@grandlyon.com

J'ai une table, issue d'un fichier xls, du type / I have a table, from an xls file as below :

Date;Donnée A;Donnée B;Donnée C

Et je souhaite obtenir une table du type / I'd like to get a table as below :
01/01/2016;Valeur A;10
01/01/2016;Valeur B;20
01/01/2016;Valeur C;30
02/01/2016;Valeur A;40
02/01/2016;Valeur B;50
02/01/2016;Valeur C;60
31/01/2016;Valeur A;70
31/01/2016;Valeur B;80
31/01/2016;Valeur C;90

Est ce possible avec Stambia ? Si oui comment ? / Is it possible to do so with Stambia ? If it is : how so ?

Merci, / Thanks

Bien cordialement / Best regards.
25 Oct 2016 14:26 - 25 Oct 2016 14:27 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Inversion de pivot / reversing pivot

As indicated by email earlier, you can setup a mapping, which will:
- load the excel file to a temp table
- transform this temp table reversing the pivot

I attach a sample process to this topic so that other users can consult it. It works with the Demo Database.
The load Excel => Table part is not included in this sample, the idea is to show how to use a stage for unpivot transformation.
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