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Topic-icon Question Machine configuration

01 Feb 2016 06:14 #1 by Prashant.Sangle
Machine configuration was created by Prashant.Sangle

I am completely new with Stambia.
I need to know below basic information before working on Stambia.

1: What was the machine configuration we have to required, In terms of RAM, Hard Disk, CPU etc ?
2: In stambia GUI where did I get the option for change key setting (from static key to URL)??

01 Feb 2016 13:52 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Machine configuration

Welcome to Stambia :)

1a. Concerning the Designer, you will find recommendations in the README.txt file. Some more information: installation needs about 300Mb disk space, and a development workspace may need between 10Mb and +500Mb (depending on your developments). CPU is generally not an issue, most machines from the past few years are OK.
1b. The Runtime can work with 512Mb RAM, but the sizing really depends on what sort of process you will execute (monitoring the java processes can help). Usually customers set it between 512Mb and 2048Mb. Installation needs 100Mb disk space, + another 100Mb for log files (depends on the Runtime's activity but should be a good start). The Log Database can become pretty big if you do not setup session purges. Depending on the purges you setup and the complexity/verbosity of your processes, it can be between 200Mb and 10Gb (or more ?)...

Stambia lets you develop processes of different types and complexity. There is no pre-defined rule for sizing. So really the best practice is to observe your JVM's behavior as soon as you start testing your developments, and adjust your JVM accordingly.

2. Menu Help / About Stambia / License manager / Enter new license key => paste into the Server field.
02 Feb 2016 06:57 #3 by Prashant.Sangle
Replied by Prashant.Sangle on topic Machine configuration
Dear Thomas,

Thank you so much for details information .