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Topic-icon Question Using variable in email from SqlOperation

18 Feb 2016 18:00 #1 by letancel

I'd like to send by email, a list of results from a SQL query (select clause).

Here's how I'm trying to do that :
1. SqlOperation : "select clause" with a SqlOperation to get a list of results (type_demande is the column selected)
2. Scripting : store these results in a rhino variable (direct Bing from SqlOperation to Scripting)
3. SendMail : send by email the results

In the scripting operation, I do: %e(rhino){var typeDem = ":{type_demande}:";}e(rhino)%
But I get this error : com.indy.engine.common.exceptions.EngineExceptionI: com.indy.engine.common.exceptions.EngineExceptionI: com.indy.engine.common.exceptions.EngineExceptionI: Unknown Exception for ' var typeDem = ":{type_demande}:";'

I am doing something wrong?
And is it the good way to do it?

19 Feb 2016 11:31 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Using variable in email from SqlOperation
Maybe this article can help : www.stambia.org/doc/82-process/actions/i...elect-query-by-email
The approach is different from yours, but maybe it will suit you ?
22 Feb 2016 16:04 #3 by letancel
Replied by letancel on topic Using variable in email from SqlOperation

Looks good, I am gonna try it and give you a feedback shortly.