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Topic-icon Question Contextualizing a Stored Procedure

18 Apr 2016 16:51 - 18 Apr 2016 17:19 #1 by letancel
Contextualizing a Stored Procedure was created by letancel

I would like to contextualize a call to a stored procedure, as I already did for the tables in a SqlOperation.

Here's what I do with SQL queries :
UPDATE %x{md:objectPath($cipres_referentiel_stb_work,$evolan_retour_MAJ_admin/tech:name())}x%
SET mtd_is_actif = 0
WHERE mtd_is_actif = 1

here's my SP call :
exec [stambia_work].[dbo].[ps_es_majadm_test]

And something I would like to have (not working in the state):
exec %x{md:objectPath($cipres_referentiel_stb_work,$ps_es_majadm_test/tech:name())}x%

How can I manage it?

Last edit: 18 Apr 2016 17:19 by letancel.
19 Apr 2016 10:35 #2 by Cyril Dussud
Replied by Cyril Dussud on topic Contextualizing a Stored Procedure

For the moment, procedures cannot be reversed in Metadata so you don't have something like $ps_es_majadm_test/tech:name() for procedures.
But you could use variables or process parameters if you want to parametrize its name.
I'll look and tell you if I have other ideas.