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Topic-icon Solved Location of the log database

06 Jul 2016 18:13 - 07 Jul 2016 09:55 #1 by Josserand BRINON
Location of the log database was created by Josserand BRINON

We are installing a new runtime and we have noticed that there are several possible locations for the log database:
1- we can keep the initial configuration > internal DB on H2
2- we can use a "known" database > MS SQL Server in our case

If I'm right, the 2nd solution is safer for production environment, and generally recommended for any environment.

In that case, my question is :
Excepted the potential network issues, are there any inconvenients to locate the log database on a remote server?
I mean: runtime on server1 <--> log database on server2

Actualy, we want to avoid multiply Stambia log databases and, ideally, keep only one database per environment.
runtimeA-environment1 --> log database on serverA-environment1 (local)
runtimeA-environment2 --> log database on serverA-environment2 (local)
runtimeB-environment1 --> log database on serverA-environment1 (remote)
runtimeB-environment2 --> log database on serverA-environment2 (remote)

Please, let me know if I'm not clear.

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07 Jul 2016 09:56 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic Location of the log database

There is no other inconvenient than the potential network issues (stability and performance). Simply make sure your network architecture is adapted and monitored.

PS: also think about setting up purges - see www.stambia.org/doc/106-runtime/log/63-p...the-runtime-database
07 Jul 2016 10:03 #3 by Josserand BRINON
Replied by Josserand BRINON on topic Location of the log database
Ok, thank you Thomas :)