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Topic-icon Question LOAD Rdbms To Teradata (with multiload)

04 Sep 2015 16:11 #1 by Kalina

In the case when UNICODE column is used in RDBMS, load table during step called 'Creation of load table' is created with LATIN fields anyway, so mload errors occur.

We've found that current expression to generate load table DDL is:
create  MULTISET  table %x{md:physicalPath($REF,'workName')}x%
	%x{md:patternList($REF/ref:columns(),'[workName]\t[targetWritableType] [targetNullWord]',',\n\t')}x%	
	%x{if ($REF/tech:hasCdc()) then ', CDC_CHANGE_TYPE CHAR(1)' else ''}x%
PRIMARY INDEX ( %x{md:list($targetPI/col/@workName,', ')}x% )

Is there a way to generate 'CHARACTER SET...' additionally if field type is CHAR or VARCHAR? How can we edit this expression to achieve it? Unfortunately, we haven't found any documentation on that issue and column attributes.

Thank you in advance.
04 Sep 2015 18:07 #2 by Thomas BLETON
Replied by Thomas BLETON on topic LOAD Rdbms To Teradata (with multiload)
Hi, I can't find this expression in my Teradata templates.
Was it modified on your side ?
Note : Templates are components that you can duplicate and edit at will.