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Welcome to the Stambia Community!

Are you a new user of Stambia? Do you need some help? Do you want to share something with the community?
In any case you are in the right place!

Here you will find the latest releases of your products. You can also browse the documentation providing different articles and the how-tos that will help you unleash the full potential of Stambia DI.

As a new user, first have a look at the Getting Started sections in order to be ready to use Stambia DI for the first time.

Latest News

Analytics 3.1.0 Beta has begun!

Beta Campaign of the new Stambia DI Production Analytics major version has begun!

Major improvements of this version:

  • Analytics is now storing user data inside a dedicated database instead of files.
  • A new feature replacing deployment managers has been developed to propose an entirely new mechanism to follow projects and versions of deployments, with a completely new UI.
  • Web Services APIs have been added to manage those new projects programmatically, to be able to create new versions, build, and deploy deliveries easily.

More information can be found in following article, and download section here, do not hesitate to have a look at it and contact us if you want to take part of this campaign!


Analytics 2.3.0 is available

A new version of Stambia Production Analytics is available at download.

It features a list of enhancements and fixed issues which can be found in release notes.

The complete changelog can be found at this page, and the download section just here.


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