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Upgrading the Designer

    Stambia Designer can be upgraded from any version with the steps explained in this article.

    Important: If you are upgrading from S17 to S18 / S19, please refer to this article.


    Here are the steps to follow to upgrade your Designer:


    The first step is to prepare your old Designer and Workspace to the upgrade.

    1. Stop the local Runtime if it is running
    2. Close all the editors (mappings, processes, metadata, SQL Editors...)
    3. Exit Stambia Designer


    Next, back up all your work to avoid any loss in case of upgrade problem.

    1. Make a zip archive of your existing Stambia Designer installation
    2. Make a zip archive of your workspace(s)


    Once everything is closed, stopped, and has been backed up, you are ready to install the new version.

    1. Download the new version of Stambia Designer
    2. Unzip this new version in a new directory
    3. Start the new Designer and select your workspace directory
    4. Launch a "Rebuild Cache" operation from the Impact view's menu
    5. Re-install your Versioning System's plugins, if you had any
    6. Copy your JDBC drivers into the new local stambiaRuntime/lib/jdbc directory

    After having checked that everything is OK, you can remove the old Designer's directory from your disk

    You can check your Designer version in the menu Help / About Stambia Designer. The version number has this form: S99.9.9_YYYYMMDD_HHmmss.

    Once a workspace has been opened with a newer version of Stambia Designer, do not try to re-open it with a previous version.

    Before 2015 October 2nd, we used to recommend unzipping the new Designer's archive on top of the existing Designer. This method is no longer recommended, as it may produce internal conflicts within the Designer's installation.



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