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While trying to work with a FTPS server, a FtpGet or FtpPut action ends without error but does nothing (no file is really transferred).

Other possible symptom: the action never ends, and the transfer is not done.


Try to check the option "FTP Encrypt Channel Data" on the action.

In version prior to 17.2.8, you need to add this option manually :


- Type: Boolean

- Value: true

Explanation : some FTPS servers require to explicitly encrypt the Data Channel.


# TAOUILI 2015-09-21 15:12
I have the same thing in Stambia 18.0.2.
Even if I check the option "FTP Encrypt Channel Data", Normly i must find my files on IND_SESSION_FTP_GET_LIST_FILES.
# Thomas BLETON 2015-09-21 15:55
Hi, can you please describe your issue on the forum ? It is a better place for discussing issues :)

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