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When starting the Runtime, the following error appears in the command line output or in the error: "SDI Java Home not defined".

D:\apps\stambiaRuntime>echo off
"Warning, SDI Java home not defined ! "
09/12/2016 10:16:28,755 - Runtime version: s17.3.3_20160928
09/12/2016 10:16:28,755 - Java version: 1.7.0_60 vendor: Oracle Corporation home: D:\apps\java\1.7.0_60_jdk_64\jre
09/12/2016 10:16:29,074 - Internal Database is started: stambia-pc7:42100
09/12/2016 10:16:29,098 - Internal Database Web Server is started: http://stambia-pc7:42101
09/12/2016 10:16:32,660 - RMI server is started: rmi://stambia-pc7:42000
09/12/2016 10:16:35,381 - Scheduler is started
09/12/2016 10:16:35,946 - SOAP Endpoint: http://stambia-pc7:42200/wsi/DeliverableService?WSDL
09/12/2016 10:16:35,947 - SOAP Legacy "Non WSI-Compliant" Endpoint: http://stambia-pc7:42200/StambiaDeliveryService?WSDL
09/12/2016 10:16:35,947 - HTTP Rest Endpoint v2: http://stambia-pc7:42200/rest/StambiaDeliveryService/2/<deliveryName>
09/12/2016 10:16:35,947 - HTTP Rest Endpoint v1: http://stambia-pc7:42200/rest/StambiaDeliveryService/1/<deliveryName>


This message is just a warning.

It means that none of the environment variables "JAVA_HOME" or "STAMBIA_JAVA_HOME" are defined.

If the Runtime's environment has a Java machine available then this will have no incidence : the Runtime will use it and continue normally. 

It is a good practice to define a STAMBIA_JAVA_HOME environment variable: this ensures that the Runtime always uses the specified Java installation, despite potentially undesired third-party Java updates.

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