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In processes, Stambia provides an action which give the opportunity to send commands to the Operating System.

This article explains how to retrieve the response of the command.


Getting the response

Retrieving the response is very simple. It is published in the Operating System Action :

OS_RET_MESS  Message returned by the OS Command.
OS_ERR_MESS  Error message returned by the OS Command if any.
OS_ERR_CODE  Error code returned by the OS Command if any.

It is then possible to re-use these command responses in any other actions, with the use of these variable.

Below an example with a scripting action :


The operating system command is a simple ping. Then we retrieve the response in the scripting action, and publish it in the root of the process.

About Charsets

Depending on the Operating system, the CHARSET used for the response can be different.

This can be configured in the operating system action, in the Os Charset parameter.

For Windows we generaly use : CP850 and for Linux ISO-8859-1




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