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Stambia versions 2.x, 3.x, S17, S18, S19 and S20 are reaching End of Support January, 15th, 2024. Please consider upgrading to the supported Semarchy xDI versions. See Global Policy Support and the Semarchy Documentation.

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Stambia Data Integration allows to work with Google Sheets to produce fully customized Integration Processes.

The sheets can be reversed in Metadata and then used in Mappings and Processes to design and adapt the business rules to meet the user's requirements.

  • Java 8 or higher


Stambia DI is a flexible and agile solution. It can be quickly adapted to your needs.

If you have any question, any feature request or any issue, do not hesitate to contact us.



You can find below the necessary resources to work with this Component in Stambia DI

Name Description Download
Component resources You can find in download section the Component resources. Component resources download


Getting Started

All the necessary installation instructions can be found in the following getting started article (for Stambia DI S17, S18, S19) and the following getting started article (for Stambia DI 2020 or higher)

You'll find in those articles the first steps to install and prepare your environment to use Google Sheet Component.

We advise to read it carefully when starting using Google Sheet with Stambia to make sure everything is set up correctly.


Supported features

You can find below an overview of what Stambia DI can do with Google Sheet.

Name Description

Google Sheets can be designed and reversed in Metadata


Google Sheet Component allows to read data from Google Sheets and load it into any target technology, such as databases, files, ...

Write Google Sheet Component allows to write data into Google Sheets from any source technology, such as databases, files, ...
Data consultation This Components supports consulting Google Sheets data directly within Stambia DI Designer

Google Sheet Component latest versions have been updated to support Google "v4 API" and have some limitations due to the changes of the API, on which we are working to unlock the features in an upcoming Component version update:

  • When reversing Metadata, it is not possible for now to retrieve the list of all Google Sheets of the user, because of the changes of the new Google "v4 API" which does not allow do retrieve this list as it was possible before. We're working on another way to retrieve this list. The reverse is therefore performed one Google Sheet at once for now.
  • When having Google Sheet as source, it is not possible for now to put a filter on it which is executed on "source" execution location, you must use "staging area" execution location. As for the previous point, this is due also to the changes of the new API which works significantly differently than the previous one.


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