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The Stambia Web Services which are designed to have Input and Output files will generate these at invocation.

By default, they are deleted except if the invocation ends with errors, but this can be configured in the Runtime properties.

  • Stambia DI Runtime S17.4.0 or higher


To change this behavior:

  1. Open the <stambiaRuntime>/properties/engineParameters.xml file
  2. Uncomment the three dedicated parameters
  3. Set their values accordingly to your needs


The parameters to set are:

     <parameter name="webServiceInputMessageKeep" value="yes"/>
     <parameter name="webServiceOutputMessageKeep" value="yes"/>
     <parameter name="webServiceFaultMessageKeep" value="yes"/>


And the following values are available:

Value Description
yes The temporary files are kept.
no The temporary files are deleted after the invocation.
if_error If an error occurred during the invocation, the temporary files are kept, otherwise, they are deleted.



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