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Stambia versions 2.x, 3.x, S17, S18, S19 and S20 are reaching End of Support January, 15th, 2024. Please consider upgrading to the supported Semarchy xDI versions. See Global Policy Support and the Semarchy Documentation.

The Stambia User Community is moving to Semarchy! All the applicable resources have already been moved or are currently being moved to their new location. Read more…

Stambia announced its merger with Semarchy. As part of this merger, the Stambia Data Integration product will become Semarchy xDM Data Integration.
This article provides an overview of the planned changes in the product branding and version numbers, following this merger.

Product Naming

The product name will change from Stambia Data Integration to Semarchy xDM Data Integration. It will be referred to as Semarchy xDI as a shortcut.
This new name will appear in future announcements and documentation of the rebranded data integration product.

Product Component names will remain the same, prefixed with the new product name:

  • Semarchy xDI Analytics
  • Semarchy xDI Designer
  • Semarchy xDI Runtime
  • Semarchy xDI License Service

Version Number Changes

Semarchy xDI product and product components versions will be aligned to the version number of the Semarchy product line.
As a consequence, the next major versions of Semarchy xDI Product Components will be the following:

Current Stambia Major Version Next Major Semarchy xDI Version
Stambia Analytics 3.x.x Semarchy xDI Analytics 5.3
Stambia Designer 20.x.x Semarchy xDI Designer 5.3
Stambia Runtime 20.x.x Semarchy xDI Runtime 5.3
Stambia License Service 1.x.x Semarchy xDI License Service 5.3

Existing versions of Stambia Data Integration will continue to be maintained with bug fixes. New features will be made available in Semarchy xDI 5.3 and higher versions.

Upgrade Path

Existing Stambia Data Integration users will be eligible for an upgrade to Semarchy xDI 5.3 according to their support & maintenance contract terms.
The detailed steps to upgrade from Stambia Data Integration versions to Semarchy xDM Data Integration will be further elaborated in the Semarchy xDI 5.3 documentation.

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