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Stambia DI allows to work with HTTP REST APIs seamlessly, with Metadata, Mappings, and more...

There are different ways to work with HTTP REST APIs, and this article is focused on the legacy WSDL Metadata.



  • This article is dedicated to Stambia DI Designer S20 or higher
  • Please refer to this article if you use a Stambia DI Designer S19 or lower version.


About WSDL Metadata

WSDL Metadata is the legacy Metadata originally focused on SOAP Web Services.

This Metadata also has some HTTP REST capabilities which were used to work with HTTP REST Web Services.

However, we highly recommend to use instead the HTTP REST Metadata introduced in Stambia DI 20.1.0 which is more modern and dedicated to HTTP REST APIs.


It has been designed specifically to represent HTTP REST APIs, has more support and features and is now the recommended Metadata to use for such web services.

We'll focus on this new Metadata for future HTTP REST improvements.

If you are on a prior version which does not have the HTTP REST Metadata yet, please refer to the S19 article which should help you getting started to work with HTTP REST web services using WSDL Metadata.



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