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You may have noticed the 'Object Selection' technology that is listed in the Metadata Creation Wizard.

This specific Metadata allows to aggregate in the same place a list of existing Metadata, to create a 'view' of Metadata.

This can be useful to create a referential of Metadata regrouping all the Metadata used in a Project, for instance.


  • Stambia DI Designer S18.3.1 or higher


Metadata Configuration

The configuration is pretty simple.

Simply create a new Object Selection Metadata.



Then add a new Object Selector, and drag and drop the Metadata you want to have in your Selector view.


You can drag and drop as many Metadata as you want in this field.


That's all! You'll now have a view representing your Metadata in the Project Explorer



  • As it is only a reference to the specified Metadata, you cannot update them from the Object Selector
  • This only a 'shortcut' pointing to your Metadata
  • The selector is refreshed automatically when a modification is performed in one of the Source Metadata.



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