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You are working with tutorials demo database and you want to reset the databases to their default settings and data?

This article explains how to do it.

About demo database

Demo databases are the two databases started and used during tutorials and the various sample projects.

You can refer to the tutorials if you want to learn how to start them.

Those databases contain sample data and schemas which can be useful for testing and debugging.


You want to reset the demo database?

You are facing instabilities with demo databases, such as the connection which is running indefinitely, or you dropped or remove by mistake tables or data?

You can re-initialize the demo environment at any time.

To reset your demo database tables and data, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Close your Designer and Runtime.
  2. Delete files in <Designer installation folder>/stambiaRuntime/samples/demobases/hsql
  3. Start your Designer again with -clean option.


To start the Designer with the clean option, you can create a shortcut and add the option, or start the designer from command line.

For instance:

stambia.exe -clean



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