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Jython is a language which can be used in scripting actions, allowing to use Python scripts in Java.

On a default installation Jython 2.2 version is shipped and used.

You can now change the Jython version used by the Runtime.


  • Stambia DI Designer 2020 (S20.0.0 or higher)


Changing the Jython version used by the Runtime

Installation of another version


If you want to use another version, create a folder under the following location in the Runtime and put inside the corresponding Jython libraries.

The name of the folder you choose will be the logical name used in the Runtime to specify the version.

<Runtime Installation Folder>/lib/jython/<jythonVersion>


You can find Jython libraries in the official Jython website: https://www.jython.org/download

You must download the "Jython Standalone" library and put it in the folder you created in the Runtime.

For instance, if you created a folder named "2.7.1" inside the Runtime, copy / paste inside the Jython Standalone library you want to use.


Read carefully the Java prerequisites when you want to use other Jython versions to be sure it is compatible with the Java version you are using for your Runtime.


Using the new installed version in Runtime


Once you have installed the Jython version you want to use, you must configure the Runtime to use it.

For this, open Runtime's Configuration file, which is located in a default installation at the following location: <stambiaRuntime>/properties/engineParameters.xml

Then specify in the following parameter the Jython version you want to use, which must correspond to the name of the folder you created in the Runtime.


        <parameter name="jythonVersion" value="2.2"/>


For instance, if you created a folder named <Runtime Installation Folder>/lib/jython/2.7.1 you must specify "2.7.1" in this parameter.



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