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This article shows how to use parameters and results from a preceding action, in a process.

In our example, we extract data from a table to a file, and after we want to write the number of lines on the first line of the file.

Process overview


SqlFileExport:ExportData expression :

select cus_id, tit_code, cus_name, cus_forname, cus_company 
from %x{$T_CUSTOMER/tech:physicalPath()}x%

WriteTxtFile expression :



The first action simply extract data from the T_CUSTOMER table to a file. The file path (SQL_EXP_FILENAME) is built with both process parameters "filedir" and "filename".

When executed, this action sets the variable SQL_NB_ROWS to the number of lines that were found.

The second action "WriteTxtFile" writes to the same file as action 1 : the TXT_WRITE_FILENAME refers to the first action parameter : ${../SQLFileExport:ExportData/SQL_EXP_FILENAME}$

The expression that will be written to the file refers to the SQL_NB_ROWS from the first action.

Note the parameter "TWT_WRITE_APPEND=before", for writing the line at the beginning of the file.

Here is a sample file generated :

1;M.      ;DUPONT                          ;Alain;
2;M.      ;MARTIN                          ;Marc;Transports MARTIN & fils
3;M.      ;BOUVIER                         ;Alain;
4;M.      ;DUBOIS                          ;Paul;


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