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The Designer has a specific mechanism at startup. It overwrites the updated files of the included Runtime.

This behavior has been implemented to always have the same versions of drivers, plugins, ... between the Designer and the Runtime.

This is to avoid conflicts, errors, or unexpected behaviors due to the potential differences between both, by always having the same files as shipped with the Designer.

If you need to have a specific Runtime version on the same machine as your Designer, please consider installing a separate Runtime, distinct from the Designer's local Runtime.

If you need to patch or alter some files in your Designer's local Runtime, here is how to prevent these files from being restored upon each Designer startup.

Runtime protection Rules

The solution consists of updating the <stambiaRuntime>\properties\protection.rules file.

The folders or files indicated in it will not be overwritten at Designer's start.

The * character can be used to filter by extension for instance, or accept everything.




  • The # is for comments

  • You can see for instance that jdbc folder is 'protected' as /lib/jdbc/* is indicated


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