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This article shows how to execute a SELECT statement, and send the result in an email body.

The SELECT Statement

We use the tutorial metadata in this example.

Here is the statement. We include a "WHERE" clause for limiting the number of rows returned.

FROM %x{$T_CUSTOMER/tech:physicalPath()}x%

The process

Our email will be composed of 3 sections: the salutation, the data, and the signature.

Our process writes the email content in a single file, and then sends the file content as an email.




Action WriteTxtFile: contains the Salutation + the "<pre>" HTML element opening tag :

Here is the query result :

Action SQLFileExport: executes the query and appends it to the file. Note the "SQL_EXP_FILE_APPEND" parameter, set to true.

Action "Copy 1 of WriteTxtFile": closes the "<pre>" element and appends the signature. Note the TXT_WRITE_APPEND" parameter, set to 'after'.


End of data.
Bye !
Action SendMail: We checked the "Html Mode" parameter, and provided the file name into the "MAIL_CONTENT_FILE" parameter. The encoding to be used to read this file can be set with the "Mail content file encoding" parameter.


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