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You can find below the major changes and improvements of Stambia DI Designer S20.5.x version.

This article only highlights the most important changes.

If you need further information, please consult the full changelog and/or reference documentation.



Migration from S17, S18, S19

Stambia DI S20 major version changes some important part of the software which require your attention.

Migrating from Stambia DI Designer S17, S18 or S19 require to follow the migration guide, which can be found in the following article.

If you are simply updating from another Stambia DI S20 version, simply follow the minor version upgrade guide, as usual.


What's new on Stambia DI Designer 2021 (S20.5.0)

Stambia DI Components Updated (20.5.0)

You can find in this section the list of Components which have been updated in Designer 20.5.0.

Components name Components release notes
Base Component Release notes
Google Spreadsheet Component Release notes
HTTP REST Component Release notes
Microsoft Excel Component Release notes
Oracle Component Release notes


Usability Improvements

Designer Command Line utility - build delivery

A new delivery option named "verifyModules" has been added to check if the Runtime can handle the Modules required by the package.

The default value is the modules folder specified into the stambia.ini file

If module is present then the delivery will be successfully generated, else it will not be generated and an error message will indicate which module is missing.

 missing module

Have a look at this article for further information about build delivery.


Impact Analysis on User Defined Functions Metadata

When working with User Defined Functions Metadata, performing an impact analysis on a function now displays in which Mappings this function is sued.

As a reminder, an impact analysis can be performed through a right click on a Metadata node.

For instance, in the following image, the Metadata "function01" is used in the mapping "map UDF".

impactAnalysis UDFmd

Have a look at this article for further information about using the Metadata User Defined Function in Mapping, and at this article about impact analysis utility.


Informational message when using a session variable in a Mapping expression

When using a session variable in a Mapping expression, an informational message is now displayed to inform about its usage.

This gives some information and guidance about using session variables in a Mapping expression.



Improve Link selection button

The link selection button, which allows to find where the selected item is located inside Project Explorer View, has been improved.

From now, it will simply focus and point to the selected item, to have a clear and helpful visual indication to the user.

Clicking on the button will no longer automatically unfold the child nodes of the focused item, which could add some confusion and reduce lisibility.


link selection



Refreshing Project Explorer View

At the top of the Project Explorer View, a new button has been added to refresh the content of the View.

This will refresh all the resouces to see if there was changes on the file system and synchronize them.

This can be useful if you manipulate the files of you workspace outside of the Designer, with the operating system file explorer, with versionning systems, and more...


This refreshes the entire Project Explorer to synchronize with the file system.

Refresh 01


Rebuild Cache and Clean Projects

Addition of a new entry in the Utilities menu, named « Rebuild Cache and Clean Projects ».

Those two operations, which are still available separetly where applicable, are often used when upgrading to a newer version, or when having some issues.

Therefore, we added a button to easily perform those maintenance operations with just one click.




When using this entry, a confirmation popup will be displayed so that you can confirm you want to perform those operations.




Package Configuration Launch editor

The Package Configuration Launch editor has been improved.

Two buttons have been added to select or deselect all currently displayed items:


package configuration launch editor buttons


Moreover, you now also have the ability to press CTRL + click or SHIFT + click to select multiple items at once:


package configuration launch editor buttons multiselection

For more information about the Package Configuration Launch Editor, refer to this article.


Metadata Improvements

XPath Expressions Wizard

A new wizard named "XPath Expressions Wizard" has been added to quickly find and tests XPath expressions in a Metadata Editor.

  xpath expressions wizard


You can search for XPath expressions through their name.

Moreover, when double clicking on an expression, it will try to evaluate it and display the result in the Console View.


 search xpath expressions


Have a look at this article for further information about the XPath expressions search.


Minor improvements and fixed issues

This version also contains some other minor improvements and fixed issues, which can be found in the complete changelog.


Bug fixes

This version fixes a list of issues which can be found on the full changelog.

Do not hesitate to take a look at it to have an idea of what have changed.



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