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The HTTP Verb used when invoking a Web Service, such as POST, GET, PUT, ... is defined in the WSDL Metadata.

This can be customized and specified dynamically at invocation if needed.


  • This is only available for the HTTP REST API
  • Stambia DI Designer S18.3.0 or higher
  • Stambia DI Runtime S17.4.0 or higher


Metadata Configuration

The first step is to configure the WSDL Metadata to allow that.

  1. Open the Metadata
  2. Add a new 'Part' under the Input node of the operation
  3. Set its Name and Type (string)
  4. Set its Binding Type to http:method




Mapping Configuration

Now, you can specify the desired HTTP Verb directly in the Mapping invoking the Web Service.

For this, simply map the node previously created with the desired value.



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