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In Mapping, hierarchical datastores nodes such as hierarchical files, XML files or JSON files can be displayed in 'Layers'.

A Layer is a view that allows to focus only on one level element of the hierarchical datastore, masking the others to be able to concentrate one at a time.

  • Stambia DI Designer S19.0.0 or higher


Datastore Layers

To create a layer on a node, simply click on the desired level, and then on the layer button as below:

datastoreLayers creation

You'll then be able to select it in the layers list:

datastoreLayers selection

Finally, the hierarchical datastore will be filtered to focus only on the selected layer:

datastoreLayers example

You can notice that the layers list icon is now colored, and not greyed out anymore; this means that a Layer is activated, informing users that the datastore is actually filtered through a Layer.


Note that you can also create multiple layers at a time.

For this maintain the CTRL key, click on all the nodes you want to create a layer on, and then click on the create layer button:




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