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Using versioning systems to store Stambia models, such as Metadata, Mappings, or Processes might be difficult to handle the conflicts with the resources.

When there is a conflict handling the changes and understanding them is complex because the Stambia Models are XML files, and so performing merges can be painful.

EMF Compare tool has been added to allow to compare more easily such XML models and to make the usage of versioning easier with Stambia.

This article porpose is to show how to use this tool in stambia DI.

  • This article is dedicated to Stambia DI 2020 (S20.4.0) or higher.

Enable EMF compare tool

First of all ensure that EMF compare tool is enabled:

 Enable emf compare

Resolving conflict using EMF Compare Tool

When a merge conflict occurs open EMF Compare tool to resolve conflict:

conflict in merge

The changes made and the models in conflict will be opened and listed in Models compare tool:

Element in conflic listed

Selecting change to keep or change to reject

User can then select the change to keep, or the change to reject by right clicking on the model. Once selecting to keep (or to reject) one change, the other change will be automatically set as rejected (or accepted according to the previous previous choice).

change to keep to reject

Icons indicate that what change will be kept or rejected

icon accepted rejected change

Saving the change

When saving the selected change, the user will be informed that the merge conflicts have been resolved. 

EMF conflict resolved

User can cancel the change if he want to make another change, or valid the change made.

When validating the change by clicking on "OK" button, then the selected change to keep will be automatically moved in "Stage Change" and ready to push

ready to push



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