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When a session ends with errors, it can be configured to be restarted automatically a certain amount of times, with a defined delay.

By default, it will restart from the last detected error, but Restart Points can also be defined to manage the Process' flow more precisely.

To learn how to define Restart Points in a Process, please refer to the reference documentation.

  • Stambia DI Runtime S17.4.0 or higher


Configuring the Process

To configure a Process to be restarted automatically in case of errors, simply:

  1. Open the Process
  2. Go to the Properties / Meta-Inf View
  3. Set the values accordingly to your needs


The following two Meta-Inf are available to customize the auto-restart:


This property defines the maximum number of times the session's should be restarted when it ends with errors.

As soon as the session is successful, or if the number is reached, the Runtime will stop restarting it.


This property specifies the delay (in milliseconds) to wait between each restart





Consulting the number of restarts

The Designer's Sessions View shows the amount of time a session has been restarted.


  • Stambia DI Designer S18.3.0 or higher



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