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This article describes the principal changes of Snowflake Component.

If you need further information, please consult the full changelog.

Component download section can be found at this page.


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This article is dedicated to Stambia DI 2020 (S20.x.x) or higher.

If you are using Stambia DI S17, S18, S19 please refer to this article for the Connector and to this article for the Templates.



External Storage Attribute



Snowflake Component already supports storing temporary files inside external locations such as Microsoft Azure Storage or Amazon S3.

The Snowflake Metadata has been improved on this point, to automatically provide the list of storage nodes available in the workspace which can be used as external storage.

This allows to have a quick list out of the box without having to search them on your workspace.




Minor improvements and fixed issues

This version contains some minor improvements and fixed issues, which can be found in the complete changelog.


Complete changelog

The complete changelog with the list of improvements and fixed issues can be found at the following location.



Tool Warehouse Operation

Snowflake allows to start / suspend the warehouse containing data, which allows to optimize costs and start it only when needed.

A new Process Tool has been added to allow starting / stopping easily Snowflake warehouses in your Processes.

You can use this to, as an example, start your warehouse at the beginning of you Process, then perform all your operations and, finally, suspend it at the end.




A Snowflake Metadata Link must be defined on the tool.

Then, specify the name of the Warehouse and the operation: RESUME or SUSPEND.


Change Data Capture (CDC)

Multiple improvements have been performed to homogenize the usage of Change Data Capture (CDC) in the various Components.

Parameters have been homogenized, so that all Templates should now have the same CDC Parameters, with the same support of features.

Multiple fixes have also been performed to correct CDC issues. Refer to the changelog for the exact list of changes.


Complete changelog

The complete changelog with the list of improvements and fixed issues can be found at the following location.



Sample Project

The component example project can now be imported directly in the "New" menu of the Project Explorer.




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