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In Runtime Configuration file (engineParameters.xml), it's possible to set the memorization of the messages of a web service.

This configuration is global for all Processes, as explained in the following article.

If a Process need different settings, a dedicated meta-inf parameter can be defined to override global behavior.

  • This is only available for the HTTP REST API
  • Stambia DI Runtime S17.6.7 or higher


Memorization of messages

Creation of the Web Service Process

Create the Web Service Process, go to "Properties" View, and lead to "Meta-Inf" tab, where the parameter to customize the memorization of messages will be defined.



Configuration of the META-INF

Next, lead to the main Process Properties, and open the Meta-Inf tab.

Add in the box the following sample of code and replace it with your own settings:



Attribute Description Example
KeepInputMessage Memorization of the input message yes
KeepOutputMessage Memorization of the ouput message


KeepFaultMessage Memorization of the faul message if_error


That's it, from now at each invocation the messages will be saved or not depending on defined values.



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