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Stambia Data Integration allows to work with Hadoop distributions to produce fully customized Integration Processes.

The Hadoop framework is used to process large sets of data through several specific technologies such as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Spark, ...

  • Stambia DI Designer S18.3.6 or higher
  • Stambia DI Runtime S17.4.6 or higher


Stambia DI is a flexible and agile solution. It can be quickly adapted to your needs.

If you have any question, any feature request or any issue, do not hesitate to contact us.

This component may require a dedicated license.

Please contact the Stambia support team if you have any doubt and if you need to use it in a production environment.


Download and Installation

You can find below the necessary material to work with Hadoop in Stambia:

Name Description More information Download
Hadoop Connector

Stambia DI Hadoop connector.

Installation procedure download

previous releases

Generic Templates Package containing the generic Templates Upgrade procedure download

previous releases

Hadoop Templates

Package containing the Hadoop Templates

Upgrade procedure

Release notes

previous releases

Additional libraries

An archive containing the additional libraries required to use Hadoop technologies.

This is a standard package that should work on most Hadoop distributions.


previous releases

Demonstration Project

An archive containing projects which demonstrates most of the features through examples of Processes and Mappings.

The archive contains three projects:

  • Demonstration Hadoop - 01 - Metadata: project containing the Metadata of the examples
  • Demonstration Hadoop - 01 - Metadata With Kerberos: project containing the Kerberos configured Metadata of the examples
  • Demonstration Hadoop - 02 - Examples: project containing the examples of Mappings and Processes

When importing the projects, you must import one of the Metadata projects and the project with examples.

The Metadata project to import depends on your requirements.

If you want to see how to configure and use Kerberos in Metadata, import the 'Demonstration Hadoop - 01 - Metadata With Kerberos' project. Otherwise import the 'Demonstration Hadoop - 01 - Metadata' project.


Note: The project has been developed with a Designer S19.0.10. We therefore advise to import the projects in this version (or higher) to avoid any issue.


previous releases


All the necessary installation instructions can be found in the following getting started article.
You'll find in this article the first steps to install and prepare your environment to use the Hadoop Connector.
We strongly advise to read it carefully when starting using Hadoop with Stambia to make sure everything is set up correctly.
When the installation is finished, we suggest having a look at the dedicated articles for each technology to learn how to use and configure them.


Supported Hadoop technologies

You can find below an overview of what technologies can be used with the Stambia DI Hadoop connector

Technology Documentation

Presentation article

Getting started article


Presentation article

Getting started article


Presentation article

Getting started article

Stambia HBase User Guide

Presentation article

Getting started article


Presentation article

Getting started article



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