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You can find below the major changes and improvements of Stambia DI Designer 2020 (S20.3.x) version.

This article only highlights the most important changes.

If you need further information, please consult the full changelog and/or reference documentation.



Migration from S17, S18, S19

Stambia DI 2020 (S20) major version changes some important part of the software which require your attention.

Migrating from Stambia DI Designer S17, S18 or S19 require to follow the migration guide, which can be found in the following article.

If you are simply updating from another Stambia DI 2020 (S20) version, simply follow the minor version upgrade guide, as usual.


What's new on Stambia DI Designer 2020 (S20.3.0)

Stambia DI Components Updated

You can find in this section the list of Components which have been updated in Designer 20.3.

Note that this lists only the Components shipped within a default Designer.

Base Component Update Description Components release notes
Base Component Some improvements and fixes Release notes
HTTP REST Component Adding multipart request contents support, adding a cookies response, connection and read timeouts, OAuth2 improvements. Release notes
Hyperfile Component Homogenization of the Change Data Capture usage Release notes
IBM DB2 Component Homogenization of the Change Data Capture usage Release notes
IBM Informix Component Homogenization of the Change Data Capture usage Release notes
Microsoft Excel Component Adding support to delete statements which works with "delete all target table" Release notes
Microsoft SQL Server Component Adding new option in load file Mssql template, homogenization of the Change Data Capture usage, adding reversing indexes support. Release notes
MySQL Component Homogenization of the Change Data Capture usage, adding a new datatypes and creation mask. Release notes
Oracle Component Adding new parameters and attributes, homogenization of the Change Data Capture usage Release notes
PostgreSQL Component Adding new support for xpath expressions and for automatic creation of primary key, adding json datatypes, homogenize of the Change Data Capture usage. Release notes
Progress Component Some improvements and fixes Release notes
SAP ASE Component Homogenization of the Change Data Capture usage Release notes


Twitter Component

Stambia Data Integration allows to work with Twitter.

You can reverse in Metadata the common operations which can be performed with Twitter such as posting and searching Tweets, retrieve various information, and more...

You can also design your own operations as you want.

Refere to this article for more information.

You can find Components download section and installation procedure at this location.


Usability Improvements

Warning when Runtime not connected

When performing operations from Designer which require a Runtime while no Runtime is connected, a warning popup will now appear to inform about it.

Being connected to a Runtime is necessary for instance when performing operations such as prepare, execute, publish, ...

This helps to be warmed before executing the operation which, when no Runtime is connected, might fail.




Open Mapping from breadcrumb trail

When navigating in a Process which contains Mappings, a new context menu called "Open Mapping" has been added to open a Mapping directly from breadcrumb trail.

This menu is available by right clicking on the Mapping in the breadcrumb trail:

open mapping 

XPath menus ordered alphabetically

XPath and Global XPath context menus which are available at several places such as in Metadata, will now show their list of XPath expressions ordered alphabetically.


Metadata link - XPath menus

On Processes, XPath and Global XPath menu have been added when right clicking on a Metadata Link.

This allows to quickly access the available XPath expressions without having to open the related Metadata.



Metadata Link - tooltip displaying real name

The real name of the Metadata node which is being a Metadata Link is now displayed as tooltip when hovering it.

This allows to see the real name quickly when the Metadata Link name is different than the real name of the Metadata, without having to open the Metadata.



Metadata reference attributes improved

On Metadata, reference attributes had a tooltip on the left which was indicating that it was a reference attribute, and that it supports therefore drag and dropping references inside.

The icon of the tooltip was the same as the icon for the documentation, and the text was not clear enough to help understanding its usage.

We therefore revised this information by changing its icon, location and text:


On previous versions:



On this new version:



Syntax highlight on SQL File Export Process Action

Syntax highlight is now available also on SQL File Export Process Action.

sql file export syntax highlight


New button to remove transparent stage

A new button has been added to remove easily a defined transparent staging area.

button remove transparent staging area

You can still remove it also by deleting it on the datastore as it was possible before.



Upgrade Mapping Models

The menu "Upgrade Mapping Models" has been renamed to "Upgrade Models" for clarity because it can apply also on other models, such as Metadata and Processes.

This menu, which can also be used to upgrade several models at once by selecting multiple Projects / folders / Mappings / ... has also been improved to appear as soon as one of the selected items contains outdated models.

Before this change, it was only displayed when all selected models were outdated, which was making hard to update models massively in a workspace.



File Reverse Wizard

We added, in Runtime S20.1.0 the support of escape character when reading files, for files which does not have string delimiter and instead escape the characters of data which can cause issues.

This works well at execution when reading files through Runtime, in a Mapping or Process.

But it was not yet implemented in the File Reverse Wizard, so we updated the reverse wizard to also support it:




Execute Delivery Process Action

New parameter to define repository

  • Stambia DI Runtime S20.3.0


Addition of a new parameter to define the repository from which Runtime repository the delivery should be executed.

This parameter defines the runtime repository in which the delivery will be searched.

It is similar to the "-repository" parameter that is supported on startdelivery.bat script.


When this parameter is not defined it search for the delivery in default repository, as usual.



Minor improvements and fixed issues

This version also contains some other minor improvements and fixed issues, which can be found in the complete changelog.


Complete changelog

The complete changelog with the list of improvements and fixed issues can be found at the following location.



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