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This article describes the principal changes of Informix Templates.

The Template download section can be found at this page.

Informix Templates were previously shipped with the Specific Templates package.

They have been separated in their own package since the templates.specific.2018-10-11 version for clarity.

If you want to retrieve a previous version please check in the Specific Templates versions prior to templates.specific.2018-10-11.



Recycling of previous rejects fixed

When using the option to recycle the rejects of previous execution an extra step is executed to add those previous rejects in the integration flow.

This step had several issues which avoided it to work properly and which have been fixed in this version.

Moreover, possible duplicates while retrieving those rejects are now filtered using DISTINCT keyword.



Integration Informix

Fix several issues about transactional mode which caused issues in some steps.

Update of target rows step had issues when the target table was in a different database than session current one.

Some steps were also not dynamically changing the transaction mode depending on the Template parameters.



New Templates added

Two new templates have been added to handle the specificities of Informix about object creation in different database.

They support having temporary work and reject objects in a different Informix database.

The new Templates are the following:

  • LOAD File to Informix
  • LOAD Xml to Informix



Integration Informix

The Integration Template has been updated to support using a different database as a work or reject schema.

There were issues when doing this with the work object drop / creation steps, as it is required to execute those statement with the correct current database in the session.

For each drop / create statement the Template now makes sure to change the current database of the session to the one of the objects to create before executing the statement.


New Templates added

Two new templates have been added to handle the specificities of Informix about object creation in different database.

This is primarily to address the same issue as fixed in the Integration Template which also happens when using the generic Load and Reject Templates.

We so added specific Load and Reject templates for Informix to handle this particularity, and which will also help in the future to optimize the statements if possible.

The new Templates are the following:

  • LOAD Rdbms to Informix
  • REJECT Informix


New tool added

A new tool has been added to perform Informix operations aside from Mappings: TOOL Informix Operation

For this first version, the tool supports performing one operation called 'Export Last Generated Serial' which is used as it says to export the last value generated for a serial column.

This can be useful when integrating data in tables which have serial (auto-incremented) columns, and wanting to retrieve the last generated value for any functional or technical reason.

More information about how to use the tool is indicated in its internal documentation.




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