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The Stambia Salesforce template has a lot of options.

We have made a project that shows examples of most of them, with some explanation and information.

You can click on this link to download the project.


The project is split in two parts, that can be performed separately.

The first part requires a Salesforce Developer account. Here is an article explaining step by step how to create a Salesforce Developer free account and how to use it with Stambia Designer.

The second part requires a Salesforce Account, and the creation of a custom object in the Salesforce Environment that is explained in this article.


Configure Salesforce Database

Once you have an account, you have to configure the Salesforce database that will be used for the demo in Stambia Designer.

For that, you need to update the Salesforce metadata located in 01 - Metadata/Salesforce of the project.

-> Set it to your own settings (Login, password, Security Token).

Learn more about how to configure the Metadata


1-    Start your Runtime and connect it to the Designer.
2-    Start demo Databases.
3-    Execute the examples.

The examples may contain notes that explain their purposes.



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