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Stambia exposed web services are described in an automatically generated Swagger definition file which can be accessed easily from a dedicated URL.

This Swagger definition is updated automatically by the Runtime when new web services are exposed or updated, and it can moreover be accessed and visualized through Swagger-UI tool which is shipped with the Runtime.

You can find in this article how to access to Runtime's automatically generated Swagger definition, and how to play with it through Swagger-UI.

  • Stambia DI Runtime S17.6.6 or higher


Accessing Runtime's Swagger definition and Swagger-UI

All information for accessing Swagger definition and Swagger-UI are printed in Runtime console when it is starting.

You can moreover find back those information in following log file if needed: <stambiaRuntime>/log/com.indy.engine.<port>.log


For instance:

HTTP Rest v3 - UI: http://hostname:42200/rest/StambiaDeliveryService/3/default?swagger-ui
HTTP Rest v3 - Definition: http://hostname:42200/rest/StambiaDeliveryService/3/default?swagger2.json


Description of those URLs:

URL Description
HTTP Rest v3 - UI URL to access Swagger-UI tool, which will be automatically pointing to Runtime's Swagger definition to be able to visualize and play with it easily.

HTTP Rest v3 - Definition

URL to access Runtime's Swagger definition.

This definition is automatically updated when new web services are exposed or updated.


Example of Swagger-UI:

swagger ui example



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