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Java options are generally added directly to the Java command launching the Runtime with the -DmyOption01=value01 argument.

The Stambia DI Runtime allows to set them in a more convenient way directly in its configuration file.

All the options specified will then be loaded just after the Runtime's start.


  • Stambia DI Runtime S17.4.0 or higher



Open the <stambiaRuntime>/properties/engineParameters.xml file.

Then uncomment or add the following node:

        <property name="myOption01" value="value01"/>
        <property name="myOption02" value="value02"/>


You can define as many "property" node as required.


Externalizing the configuration in another file

If needed, the java additional options can be externalized in another file than engineParameters.xml.

For this, simply put the "javaConfiguration" node inside another file (javaOpts.xml file for instance).

Then, add or uncomment the following line in the engineParameters.xml file.

<javaConfiguration file="./javaOpts.xml"/>



A sample is available in the <stambiaRuntime>/properties/samples/engineParameters/ folder of the Runtime


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