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A package is an archive containing all the needed files and folders to generate a delivery.

Most of the time, a package is generated by the development team when they have finished working on a Mapping / Process.

The package can then be used to generate the delivery that will be executed by the Runtimes.

To generate a package, there is two solutions:

  • Generate the package directly from Stambia Designer.
  • Generate the package from command line.


Generating a package from Stambia Designer

The most common way to generate the Package corresponding to a Mapping / Process is to do it from Stambia Designer.

The procedure for this is quite simple:

  1. Right click on the Mapping / Process
  2. From the menu, choose Build > Package [with documentation]


That’s all, you can now find the generated package under:

<Designer Installation>/stambiaRuntime/build/packages


Generating a package from command line

The other possibility is to generate the Package corresponding to a Mapping / Process from command line.

Refer to the following article for further information and detailed examples.



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