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When you install a new runtime there are some things you have to think about.


Designer's help

First, the help in the stambia designer is a good overview of how to do that, with examples of the different options.

You can find it under :

Help menu > Help Contents > Stambia > Configuration and Setup Guide > Installation

Choosing a Java version

We can't really tell which Java version you should choose, but we can help you choose by yourself.

  • When installing a dev / test / QA Runtime, simply choose the same Java version as your Production environment. This is a really good practice to avoid bad surprise when deploying jobs in production
  • Stambia works well with java versions 7 or 8 minimum
  • Make sure to select a version compatible with:
    • your JDBC drivers (Oracle, Mysql, Sqlserver...)
    • the connectors you will use (SAP, Salesforce, Amazon...)
    • the encryption algorythms you may need for SSL-secured connections (SFTP, SSH, HTTPS...)

Tips and advices

Here is some other usefull tips which may help you during the process.

First run : Check the output of the startengine

Before installing the runtime as a service, check if everything is working by starting the runtime with the startengine.bat (or startengine.sh) script.

It is easier to see the errors that might happen during the startup this way. Then if everything is correct and working, you can install it as a service.

Example of Output :

C:\Users\stambia\Developpement\Designers\stambiaDesigner_S18.0.3_20150625_081118\stambia\stambiaRuntime>echo off
21/08/2015 11:00:18,485 - Runtime version: s17.2.14_20150625
21/08/2015 11:00:18,486 - Java version: 1.6.0_43 vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc. home: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_43\jre
21/08/2015 11:00:19,052 - Internal Database is started: stambia-pc20:42100
21/08/2015 11:00:19,073 - Internal Database Web Server is started: http://stambia-pc20:42101
21/08/2015 11:00:21,885 - RMI server is started: rmi://stambia-pc20:42000
21/08/2015 11:00:24,400 - Scheduler is started
21/08/2015 11:00:25,633 - SOAP Endpoint: http://stambia-pc20:42200/wsi/DeliverableService?WSDL
21/08/2015 11:00:25,633 - SOAP Legacy "Non WSI-Compliant" Endpoint: http://stambia-pc20:42200/StambiaDeliveryService?WSDL
21/08/2015 11:00:25,633 - HTTP Rest Endpoint: http://stambia-pc20:42200/rest/StambiaDeliveryService/1/<deliveryName>

Prevent the command line from closing when errors at startup

When launching the startengine script, if there are errors at startup then the console's window opens and closes immediately, and you cannot see the errors.

To avoid that :

  1. Open a command line prompt
  2. Then, type cmd (in windows, or bash for example in linux) in order to open a sub process.
  3. Navigate to the place where the startengine script is, and execute it.

Now, if the runtime closes on errors it will come back to the first command line process, and you will still have the errors displayed.

Once the reasons for the errors are solved (most often Java installation issues), of course you do not need to do this again.




# Virginie_Samson 2019-07-31 14:57
Where can we found the system requirements for a runtime please ?
Like Database ok to install a repository (Oracle, DB2, Postgre, ...)

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