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You can find below the major changes and improvements of the Analytics 3.2.x version.

This article only highlights the most important changes.

If you need further information, please consult the full changelog and/or reference documentation.


About migration:

If you are coming from Stambia DI Production Analytics 2.x.x, updating to 3.x.x requires a migration, the procedure being explained in this article.


What's new in 3.2.1?

HTTP REST API updated to support web services Delivery Pulling

Analytics REST API proposes an operation to retrieve the list of deliveries for a given environment.

This operation has been improved to support filtering through a query parameter the list returned based on if it is web service deliveries or standard deliveries.

This will be most notably used by Runtimes to perform Delivery Pulling for Web Services.


Refer to this article for further information about Runtime Delivery Pulling.

Most notably for required versions, as web services Delivery Pulling also requires a Runtime update which added its support.

Refer to Analytics reference documentation to learn how to access REST APIs definition if you want to use this new filtering parameter for any other need.


Bug fixes

This version fixes a list of issues which can be found in the full changelog.

Do not hesitate to give it a look to have an idea of what have changed.


What's new in 3.2.0?

Package Manager editor live information

When being in a Package Manager editor, many things can happen behind the scenes.

Some other Analytics users, or tools using the REST APIs, might be performing operations on the same Package Manager at the same time.

Analytics will now inform you when something has changed behind the scenes on the opened Package Manager editor since last time it has been refreshed.


When this is the case, you can use the refresh button to refresh the editor with latest modifications.

For instance, when a new version has been added from another session:



For instance, if a version has been deleted, a message will be displayed and the deleted version will be blurred:




Usability improvement on naming

We listened to your feedbacks about Stambia DI Production Analytics 3.1.x and decided to rename "Package" into "Package Manager" in the graphical interface and documentation.

As a reminder, a Package Manager is a container where you will manage the versions of your source developments (which are represented as packages in Stambia DI Designer), their configuration and their deployment on the various environments.

We changed this for making its usage clearer and to avoid confusion while working with the various notions.


package manager


Other improvements and bug fixes

This version is shipped with several other improvements and fixed issues which can be found in the full changelog.

Do not hesitate to give it a look to have an idea of what have changed.





# Virginie_Samson 2020-06-04 16:38
Est il prévu des API permettant :
- de remonter s'il y a une erreur de traitement :
**** L'étape en erreur
**** Le code erreur retourné
**** Le code exécuté

- de remonter les statistiques d’exécution d'un traitement (NB_ERROR, NB_INSERT, ....)

- de stopper un traitement en cours

- d'avoir l"état du Runtime (s'il est opérationnel, surchargé, ou mort)

Merci d'avance
Cordialement :lol:

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