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This article describes the principal changes of Google Sheet plugin.


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This article is dedicated to Stambia DI 2020 (S20.x.x) or higher.



Fix reverse of DB2 / 400 which could contain invalid characters

When doing a reverse on AS/400 the table and column comments sometimes contain some invisible characters incompatible with Unicode, which cause issues when saving the Metadata, raising exceptions such as "java.lang.RuntimeException: An invalid XML character (Unicode 0x0) was found in the element content.".

To avoid such issues, the reverse does not reverse comments anymore for DB2 / 400, as they can contain invalid characters.



Fixed issue on truncate statement

With IBM DB2 UDB / IBM DB2 UDB for zos / IBM DB2 400, generated truncate table statements were missing the IMMEDIATE keyword, which were causing errors when executing them.





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