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Operating the License Server

    Stopping / Restarting the License Server

    If your License Server was installed as a service, simply operate the service using your OS' service management tools.

    Otherwise, use the "bin/start" and "bin/stop" scripts.

    Checking the License Server status

    Watching the log files

    The License Server writes information into the "log/com.stambia.licence.server.log" file.

    Watching the server process

    Search for a java process which contains "com.indy.license.server.jar" in the command line.

    On Windows:

    • Using the Task manager
      • Make sure your Task Manager displays the "Command Line" column
      • Search for a Java process where the command line contains "com.indy.license.server.jar"
    • Using the command line (as an administrator)
    C:\WINDOWS\system32>wmic process where "name like '%java%' and commandline like '%com.indy.license.server.jar%'" get Name,ProcessId,ParentProcessId
    Name      ParentProcessId  ProcessId
    java.exe  3180             3704

    Note: on Windows, when the License Server is installed as a service, there might be two processes, which is normal (there is a service wrapper + the actual service).

    On Linux:

    Search for a java process which contains "com.indy.license.server.jar" in the command line.

    ps -ef | grep com.indy.license.server.jar

    Updating the license.xml file

    Your "license.xml" file may change in the future (adding new licenses, changing MAC addresses...).

    Do not edit this file by yourself - your licenses may become invalid. Instead, please send a request to the Support Team.

    When the Support delivers a new "license.xml" file, simply replace the previous file with this new one. The change is immediate.



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