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Stambia connectors might require the installation of a plugin in the Designer.

The plugin is most commonly used to deploy the necessary libraries and technologies in the Designer installation.

The installation is quite simple, as described below.



If the technology you want to use requires the installation of a plugin, it will be indicated in its overview article.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll demonstrate the installation of the Salesforce connector, that can be found in this article.

The plugin file is a java library named with the following pattern:



The installation process is the same for any connector plugin.



Stambia Designer S18.3.1 or higher

  1. Download the plugin(s)
  2. Extract the .zip file(s) to the <Designer Installation directory>/dropins folder

    Example of a valid dropins folder:

  3. Restart the Designer as usual


Stambia Designer versions prior to S18.3.1

On Stambia DI Designer versions prior to S18.3.1, the process was slightly different.

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Copy / Paste it under the <Designer Installation directory>/plugins folder
  3. Restart the Designer (stambia.exe -clean)


That's it! The plugin will be loaded and all the necessary will be deployed at the Designer's start.


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